I’m in Love…with Dutch Bros.!


Hello Bend!  If you’re not from the Pacific Northwest, California, or Arizona, you’ve probably never heard of Dutch Bros. Coffee. That was me when I moved to Bend in March. Just like there is a Starbucks on every other corner in just about every city in the country, Dutch Bros. corners the market in Bend. I noticed this interesting little drive-thru coffee shop the minute I arrived in Bend, yet I resisted, searching for my oh-so familiar Starbucks. Heck, I had literally just moved across the country from Florida, so I just wanted my old faithful cup of Joe.

A few months passed and out of pure curiosity I decided it was time to get my “latte on” at Dutch Bros. I quickly realized they were on to something with the drive-thru concept. Who on earth wants to get out of their car in the winter to grab a coffee? Especially if they have kids in the car! The one and only drive-thru Starbucks in my old town would have a line of cars wrapped around the building. It took forever to get my coffee. Not the case at Dutch Bros.! Most locations around Bend have a double drive-thru for quick service….and remember there are locations on every other corner, so the line moves quickly!


At the window, I am greeted by the most cheerful, happy people! Once they take my order, they ask “so, what do you have going on today?’ I answer and think that’s pretty cool, I lucked out with the upbeat barista. What I’ve learned over time is that they ask that question every time to every customer at every location. Even to expand and have an engaged conversation about my day. My friends and I rave about how happy we are when we drive off with our coffee…Every Single Visit! In addition to our coffee, we are ordering up an extra jolt of positivity! Dutch Bros. should definitely be your go-to place when you are new to Bend. My girlfriend recently told me the employees at Dutch Bros. were the only people that knew her name the first month she lived here!


Now, let’s talk coffee! Not only are they less expensive than the aforementioned coffee house, everything on the menu is Delicious! They have all your go-to flavors with fun names like the Annihilator & the Caramelizer. Also on the menu are iced and blended drinks featuring Dutch Bros. Blue Rebel energy drinks! There are so many options! My kids love the Not So Hot Chocolate, which is served in a cool reusable cup with whipped cream on the tip of the straw…what a fun surprise!


Not only do the baristas make you feel awesome when you drive off, check out the lid on your hot coffee. Daily quotes will give you an extra little pick me up!

IMG_5686           IMG_5661

As if Dutch Bros. couldn’t possibly get any better, why not add a punch card? LOVE IT! Who doesn’t want free coffee? Especially when you have such a wonderful experience along the way?  Be sure to like their Facebook page to be the first to know about their awesome specials & promotions! I am now officially a Dutch Bros. Girl!  Working my way to a FREE Latte!



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