Hi! My name is Brenda Menzel, and I have officially been Living the Bend Life since March 2015. I am originally from Austin, Texas, but spent the last 5 years raising my kids in Orlando, Florida.

This southern girl from the city didn’t quite know what to expect when my husband told me he had a wonderful job opportunity in Bend. Bend, Oregon? Where is Bend, Oregon? I’ve never even been to the Pacific Northwest, let alone this small town in the Cascade Mountains.

Talk about a culture shock! Where is the mall and all the other stores and restaurants I was accustomed to? Not only that, but what am I going to do with my kids? After all, everyone in Orlando had passes to all the theme parks, and our kids were spoiled living only 20 minutes from Disney! Heck, my kids went to summer camp at Sea World, and we had play dates at Lego Land!

Everyone I met reassured me that I would fall in love with Bend, and in no time I would be hiking, biking & skiing. It all sounded very outdoorsy for this stay at home Mom from the city. Well, at least I had been on a ski trip once before I told myself. I was searching for something that I might have in common with this little town.

Now here I am 7 months later launching my blog about how awesome Bend is! There are so many cool places to visit and tons of fun activities to take advantage of. I am now the proud owner of a mountain bike, hiking shoes (and pants), an SUP (which I learned means…Stand Up Paddleboard), a kayak, a puffy jacket & snow boots! I am embracing my new lifestyle, and I want to share our journey with you.

Why? I personally know how challenging it can be to get settled in and learn your way around town. My goal is to help anyone that is new, thinking about making a move, or planning a visit. I will be documenting our experiences so you know what to expect when you’re looking for something to do for yourself or your family. Let me be both your guinea pig and your resource!

So, join me as I navigate my way around this amazing town…on this amazing journey…Living the Bend Life!

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