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Hello Bend!

When I moved to Bend, I was half-inspired, half-irritated at the seemingly slow-paced, relaxed vibe that everyone simultaneously seemed to be giving off–especially in the coffee shops. I mean, come on Joe, I don’t want to hear about your mountain bike’s 30th flat tire on Phil’s while I’m starving for my morning coffee. Coming from a bigger city, I was used to the hustle and bustle of rushing into to a starbucks, grabbing my caffeinated beverage, and getting on with the day. In Bend, the coffee is delicious, the people are charming and personal–(even the Joes of the world), and the Cafe’s themselves beckon you to stay a while–catch up with the locals, call your mom, take a zoom call, dare I say it–UNWIND a little–you get to be a part of the relaxed culture here, take advantage! So here, in no particular order, is my favorite Coffee-Shop-Meet-Up-Spots.

Strictly Organic

Are you looking for one or two new coffee shops to settle in and have a latte or a fresh pastry? Strictly Organic serves USDA Organic Fair Trade beans, allowing you to feel great and leave happy knowing this business really cares about the world’s environment. The Box Factory location serves a full menu plus a quaint patio while you sip your beverage. The Old Mill District location offers a quick espresso bar vibe to get your favorite coffee and pastry on the go.

Strictly Organic Coffee Bar in the Old Mill District - Home | Facebook


Lone Pine Coffee Roasters:

Not only are they committed to giving you the best coffee but are serving you a great Café experience as well and the design + artwork is AMAZING! Lone Pine has been in Bend since 2009 and always evolving! They have two coffee shops to make it convenient to you, there is one at Boomtown and their newer location on the east side near the hospital! Check it out and admire the artistry that went into designing their new location!

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

Megaphone Coffee Co

Located in the wildly chill and hip Boss Rambler Beer Club, Megaphone’s coffee shop + bar specializes in good coffee with a side of humor and positive attitudes. Check them out! 

Palate: A Coffee Bar

I like to think of Palate as a cafe with a healthy twist. Their amazing signature drinks like Matcha, Chai, Hot Cocoa and specialized lattes will knock your socks off. Add in a gluten free pastry, and your palate will thank you!

15 of the Best Coffee Shops in Bend, Oregon • Small Town Washington

Thump Coffee

The perfect coffee shop doesn’t exis….wait! There is Thump! A personal favorite of mine, Thump strives for perfection when it comes to the service, their handmade pastries and bagels, and their coffee. Their menu easily puts them at the top of my list for a cup of Joe! With 3 locations to choose from; Downtown Bend, York Café, Roastery & Bakery and Capitol Hill, there’s a Thump for everyone! Pro Tip: The Emkay location is attached to a sweet co-working space and is the perfect spot for a work meeting, catching up with old friends, or just grabbing a treat after a morning on the trails!

Thump- Genuine Coffee

Backporch Coffee Roasters

With their brand spanking new downtown location, Backporch Coffee is a quintessential Bend favorite. Fun fact: the owner, Dave Beach, started roasting coffee at the age of 16– this company is born and raised in Bend starting out on Dave’s very own backporch. Headquarters for the coffee shops are locally here in Bend alongside four unique locations for your enjoyment! I have to say–I see the same barista now that I did the first time I came to visit Bend 5 years ago!

Locations are linked below–another fun fact–you gotta love having a Drive-Through Backporch: High quality coffee at the utmost convenience!

Headquarters and production

Newport Ave



Franklin Ave

Backporch Coffee Roasters - Home | Facebook


Backporch Coffee Roasters

Coffee Republic

Coffee Republic is locally owned and roasted this coffee experience offers nature in a cup! While not technically brick and mortar coffee shops, these roasters are conveniently in a drive-thru and easy to grab what you need on the go! They have a fun and creative charm about their coffee, make sure to check out their social media to stay updated!

Coffee Republic - Home | Facebook


Wildroots Coffeehouse

The founders of this fan-favorite neighborhood cafe, Kris and Laura, are living their dream by giving the community a locally owned small business in a great location! Wildroots will give you local pastries all week long, from Sweet cakes and Sparrow Bakery. They feature coffee from Stumptown, and Holler Mountain Organic Coffee make sure to check them out and leave a review!

WildRoots Coffeehouse - Home | Facebook


Bellatazza gives back. When you buy a coffee from Bellatazza, your support goes to those in need. The owners of Bellatazza bought a Plantation in Guatemala, support of their business supports their community In Guatemala. Their purpose is to serve coffee that gives a long lasting joy. This coffee shop offers a quaint and unique spin to your everyday stop. If you want to learn more about their story we encourage you to look at their Instagram and media pages.

Businesses —

Looney Bean Coffee Shops

Looney Bean has been serving Bend since 1992, with many locations in different states they have the ability to ship to where ever you are! How amazing is that?! Plus, enjoying your creative coffee (The Dirty Hippie is a Bend Fave) while watching Mirror Pond // the paddleboarders float by just really can’t be beat.

Looney Bean Coffee House - Visit Bend, Sunriver, Redmond, Sisters


Sparrow Bakery

Did someone say home delivery? Sparrow Cafe is now offering to delver our favorite treats straight to our front door! This cafe has come a long was since opening their doors in 2006, they have continued to stand by their mission of running an honest business, cook and bake delicious, beautiful food, and provide jobs that anyone would be proud of. This cafe is the place to go if you want to roll out of bend on a Sunday Morning and grab a fresh made from scratch pastry and cup of coffee! Whatever the question is in bend, Ocean Rolls from Sparrow are ALWAYS the answer.

The Sparrow Bakery Northwest in Bend

Still Vibrato

I can’t speak highly enough of Still Vibrato! They go above and beyond for their customers, from a coffee guide to make sure you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee to the quality of coffee beans they source. Their Roastery is here in Bend and by appointment only, if you really want to make the best of your morning you’ll take a few friends and go learn from the best or you can stop by their coffee shop in the lower level of the Hixon Yard apartments on 14th!

Still Vibrato

Spoken Moto

Spoken Moto’s vision of reclaim, restore and bringing new life is shown in every angle of this company. Headquarters are located in an old mechanic’s shop better known as “Pine Shed”. Serving coffee, beer, cocktails and retail merchandise! They are a jack of all trades and a place you will want to return! You don’t want to miss their live music, community events and nice beverages to stay in the loop make sure to follow @SPOKENMOTO. 


Sisters Coffee Company

Sisters Coffee was founded in 1989 in a small cabin, the owners Winfield and Joy started roasting 5lb batches of coffee beans and from then on were the go to roasters in Central Oregon. For 20 years their business was predominantly wholesale. Now, producing 300,000 pounds of coffee per year they are roasting out of a 6,000 square foot roasters in Sisters, Oregon. Their children Justin, Jared and Jesse now run sisters coffee–it doesn’t get much more local than that!

                                            coffee shops

The Commons

This coffee shop once was called Crow’s Feet Commons, it has now changed it’s name to “The Commons“. They are located in the historic Rademacher House on Drake Park. Not only do they serve excellent coffee they also serve fresh local baked goods! This is one of my family’s favorite spots to hit after a long bike ride. Simply ride up, grab a table overlooking the park, and place your order for coffee, beers, ciders/ wines, (juice for the kiddos), and more!

coffee shops








So there you have it, Bend! Tag us when you take that PERFECT insta photo of your latte art #HelloBendOregon and stay tuned for more Bend Guides!


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