Black Bear Diner-A Perfect Spot for Kids!

Hello Bend!  What I thought would be a typical diner experience, felt more like having breakfast in a log cabin in the company of black bears. We sat at the counter so the kids could watch the action. There are even bears sitting at the counter to keep them company!


I thought the server was handing me a small newspaper as we sat down & it actually turned out to be my menu! The kids menu was just as cute and has plenty of activities to keep the little ones busy while they wait.


The food? Amazing! Fresh and Made to Order! The kids had chocolate chip pancakes and my daughter (the pickiest eater) ate more than I think I’ve ever seen her eat! The omelets were delicious with plenty of filling served with true hash browns. They make biggest biscuits I’ve ever seen, so be aware if ordering biscuits & gravy…a true favorite for this southern girl!


What a fun experience for the kids! Be sure to check out the little store loaded with bear memorabilia & the cool bears hanging out in the front garden! Add this place to your list of kid friendly dining experiences here in Bend. This place is a must. You and your kids will not be disappointed!


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