Christmas Tree Shopping in Bend

Hello Bend!  It’s the time of year to get your tree!  There are several options available here in Bend when in search of the perfect Christmas tree. There are Christmas tree lots all over town with a variety of gorgeous fresh cut trees. Another huge benefit to living in the Pacific Northwest!

My personal favorite was the lot set up at the Crux Fermentation Project. This is the perfect way to shop for a tree. Kids can run and play in the large open field while we grab a yummy taco from El Sancho Taco Shack, order a beer, sit by the fireball and enjoy the sunshine. Oh wait…we are here for a tree!

IMG_6312                                 IMG_6310

Well, that didn’t work as we were obviously distracted. It was also very early in the season and they didn’t have the size tree we were looking for so we decided to wait. The lot at Crux benefits Mountain Star Family Relief Nursery so it’s a great option when shopping for your tree. Knowing a portion of the proceeds will go to a good cause…and you will have a great time while there!


We ultimately bought our main tree from The Vegetable Man on 3rd Street across from Fred Meyer. I felt obligated to stop by and check out the Christmas tree selection, as I was obsessed with this fruit and vegetable stand over the summer, and was sad to see it close for the season in October. They have a wide variety of trees to choose from. We went with the first tree we saw…when does that ever happen? Probably all the time in Oregon, but not so much in Florida!

12027797_895551250521926_5367529429563344551_n                                    IMG_6316

We threw the tree in the back of my husband’s pickup truck, again a first for us as we bought our first truck upon arrival in Bend. We were a bit worried when we got it home that it might actually be to big as it almost didn’t fit in our trusty tree stand because the trunk was so thick. We paid 2/3 less than what we would pay for a similar size (but not similar quality) tree in Florida. Plus, our tree has some seriously strong branches. It can handle even some of our heaviest ornaments with ease! As I sit here and look at our beautiful tree, completely decorated, full of family memories, I have to say it is the most beautiful live Christmas tree we’ve ever had! That is exactly what you get when you live so close to the source…another benefit of living in Bend!

IMG_6321                       IMG_6318

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