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Hello Bend!  My husband and I are in love with our neighborhood tap house and growler filling station, Big Dog Growlers! We’ve stopped in a few times to have our growler filled, but the other day we had a little extra time so we stuck around for a pint. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, thanks in part to owner Carolyn Cobb who can be found behind the bar on most days.


Quick side note…I must admit I had never even heard of a growler before I moved to Oregon. As a matter of fact, when we moved here, I thought all the growler filling stations were sub shops. Oh, wait….that’s a grinder. Yes, I was clueless! Once I realized exactly what a growler was, and that you can fill your growler with craft beer just about anywhere (including the convenience store and carwash), I knew we were smack dab in the middle of Beer Town USA!


With an impressive tap list, there is something for everyone! Big Dog Growlers supports local as well as out of state beers, and is always heavy on the more popular IPA’s. The majority of the 31 taps are beer, but they also offer 4 cider taps, 2 kombucha taps, one nitro coffee, one nitro beer & even a root beer tap for the kids! Speaking of kids, Big Dog Growlers is kid-friendly and dog-friendly, so you have no excuse not to go!

IMG_1254                   IMG_1276

The backdrop for the bar is the 20ft. shipping container which is used to store the kegs and keep them cold. The front of the house has a large roll-up garage door, which is open on nice days to bring the outside in, and rumor has it that they may be adding another side door down the road. Add in a few outdoor tables and a game of corn hole to round out the appeal of this place.

IMG_0803                     IMG_1258

Even the bar snacks are tasty! The mini pretzels are a hit with the kids, and the popcorn is delicious! What makes the popcorn so special? It is made from scratch by the owner and flavored with jalapeno-infused butter. So good! The perfect snack for this Texas girl!


Want a great deal on your growler fill? No problem! Big Dog Growlers has a growler punch card. Fill your growler 8 times and you earn$5 off your growler fill! Even better, so you never forget your punch card and miss out, they will file your punch card and keep it for you behind the bar…now that’s service!


So grab your growler and head to Big Dog Growlers to get your fill. While you are there, be sure to stick around for a pint and some popcorn and see why this place is a local’s favorite!


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