Ice Skating Fun in Bend!


Hello Bend!  We’ve been anxious to check out the new Pavilion in Bend and take the kids ice skating ever since the opening in late December. Sunday we had the chance. We went with friends and had so much fun! Our kids caught on quickly and wanted to skate much longer than we expected. It was also a nice reminder how awesome it is to live in a winter climate where we can go ice-skating in an open-air pavilion!


We chose to go during the “family skate” time, which offers a discounted rate of $6, including skate rentals. Regular rates run $12 for adults and $10 for children. This saved us a total of $20 for our visit, but it didn’t come without a price. It was busy!!!


It actually wasn’t too bad once on the ice, but getting through the front door and through the line to pay and get our rental skates took us a good 30 minutes, which ate into our skate time. I would recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your desired skate time. This will give you plenty of time to get through the line (or avoid it if you’re lucky) and get your skates on before it is your time to skate.


Best attire for the kids? Most kids had on their snow bibs, which kept my kiddos warm & dry! Hats & gloves are also a good idea! All the skates are brand new & they have sizes to accommodate even the smallest of feet!


There are plenty of lockers to store your stuff. They are located inside the lobby and outside near the ice. Be sure to bring plenty of quarters, as you need a quarter to relock your locker each time you open it. The inside lobby is quite comfortable (although busy) with plenty of benches and a large common area full of tables and chairs, perfect for taking a break from the action or grabbing a quick bite to eat.


The concession stand serves everything from pizza & burgers to soup & chili, with several snack offerings in between. For our next visit we will pack a lunch to have on standby once the kids get hungry. It’s the perfect opportunity for a little break from the ice to extend your skate time!


I was surprised how quickly my kids picked up skating having only been on quad roller skates in the past. I thought they would have a tough time transitioning, but boy was I wrong! It is nice that the facility offers skate “assists” which my daughter took advantage of for about 2 laps until she got the hang of it.

IMG_7516                   IMG_7538

This is a beautiful facility and we are excited to have it right in the heart of Bend! This will definitely be a regular winter activity for our family. Be sure and come experience this great new addition to the Bend outdoor lifestyle!

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