Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons with Ski or Ride in 5

New to Bend and want to give skiing or snowboarding a try?  Want to get the kids involved in a winter sport without the commitment of the multi-week all day ski lessons?  There is still time to register for Mt. Bachelor ski lessons through their Ski or Ride in 5 program.  Hurry….the deadline to register is January 31.

Mt. Bachelor is “recognized as having the best beginner program that converts first-timers into life-long snow sports enthusiasts.” It is an award-winning program that is incredibly well organized! The instructors are knowledgeable, patient & encouraging. My 6-year old son and I had a wonderful experience last year!

Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons                       Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons

This program is designed for ages 6 and over and it is an incredible value at only $229 for 5 lessons, including lift ticket and equipment rental during your lessons! That’s right…5 lessons and all your gear. If you were to purchase lessons and rent gear separately it would cost over $650…and that doesn’t even include your lift ticket!

And if all of that wasn’t enough, there is another major bonus… once you graduate you receive a season ski pass for the rest of the season for ages 6-18 or a 12-day ski pass for ages 19+. Then next year you are also eligible for a 50% discount off a season pass and 25% off the following year! This program truly is the greatest ski package on Earth!

Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons

Need equipment? No problem…Mt. Bachelor has you covered! Once you complete your Ski or Ride in 5 Lessons, you have access to a sweet deal on next season’s gear. Simply put down a deposit of $150 to reserve your gear for the following season. This will give you access to free rental gear for the remainder of the current season! Come next Fall, Mt. Bachelor will let you know when it is time to come in and pick up your brand new gear, pay the remaining balance of $549, and you’ll be ready to ski or ride! If you’re a skier, you get Salomon skis, bindings, boots and poles. If you snowboard, you get a Burton snowboard, bindings and boots! All the equipment you need to hit the slopes as soon as the snow starts coming down.

***Please note, this program is not advertised on the website or promoted widely at the mountain.  We found out about it while casually chatting with one of the instructors after graduation.  The above information & pricing is subject to change.  I want to share it with you here, so you are aware of this program and can inquire about it if you need gear and may be interested.

Please keep in mind this program is based out of Sunrise Lodge. It is important to note any other lessons, kids programs, and childcare is based out of the West Village Lodge. This is definitely good to know if coordinating different programs. The Sunrise Lodge is home to the Carousel lift, which leads to a comfortable bunny hill and it is FREE!  This is a great way to get your little ones on the slopes without the need to purchase a lift ticket…my husband would spend time with our 5-year old daughter here while we were in our lessons. The Sunrise Lift leads to more advanced hills, which we were able to experience by our 2nd lesson!

Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons

Please keep in mind if you’ve done any other programs or lessons at Mt. Bachelor, you will not be eligible for the Ski or Ride in 5, so plan carefully if you want to take advantage of this program. Classes run 7 days a week with two 2-hour sessions, at either 10am & 1pm, beginning after January 1. The last day to register for this program is January 31, and all lessons must be complete by mid-March (check website for exact date). Registration must be done over the phone at 800-829-2442 as they would like to confirm your availability for the program.  You must also wait 4 days after registering to participate in your first lesson.

Here are some other tips I learned along the way…

  • If you can take a lesson during the week, you may be lucky enough to get a private or semi-private lesson! We took our son out of school on a Friday for his first lesson and it was a great opportunity to get him acclimated to the process in a less crowded environment.
  • You need to arrive at least an hour prior to your lesson to sign in and get your rental equipment. If you have your own gear, you can cheat that a little.
  • Goggles are a must! I met so many people in my lessons that were miserable and distracted by not wearing goggles.
  • The Ski or Ride in 5 program has special VIP parking located along the snow bank on the far left as you drive in, check closest to the lodge first. We didn’t notice the sign on our first day and ended up with a longer walk. Take the first left as you approach the lodge after you turn off the main road (there are two parking lots)
  • Bring a plastic Ziploc bag to keep your report card dry. They tell you this after your 1st lesson. This comes in handy, especially if it’s a snowy day!
  • Tip your instructor! I didn’t figure this out until the end & most people overlook it. A few dollars goes a long way to let these guys and gals know how much you appreciate their help.

Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons

Also, be sure to get your BlackStrap face mask before you head up the mountain.  Everyone has one as this is a Bend based company!  Didn’t have a chance to pick one up before heading up the mountain?  No worries, Mt. Bachelor has them for sale.  Saved us on our first day when it was snowing like crazy!      Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons

Be sure to check out the Sun Bar (21 & over only) located right outside of the Sunrise Lodge.  It’s a great place to grab a beer and a quick bite to eat…it is amazing what a difference a day can make!

Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons                Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons


Hope you enjoy a fabulous ski season at Mt. Bachelor.  We look forward to seeing you on the slopes…Living the Bend Life!

Mt. Bachelor Ski Lessons

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