Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

Creating Memories at the Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

Hello Bend!  Fall is in the air and the pumpkins are here!  If you currently live in Bend, undoubtedly you’ve already been to the infamous Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch in Terrebonne.  If you are new to the area, add this to your list and make plans to visit over the next two weeks. If you are planning a move to the area in the future, the Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch is another amazing example of what is waiting for you when you call Central Oregon HOME!  

With so many people moving to Central Oregon to take advantage of the active lifestyle and outdoor amenities, coupled with the small town feel, and the sense of security our area has to offer; it’s no wonder so many families are making the decision to move to Central Oregon as a prime location to raise their children.  So many memories to be made here, and the Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch is guaranteed to become an annual family tradition.

Our first visit to the Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch was especially magical as we moved from the south where pumpkin patches are located in church and school parking lots.  You can read about our first experience in my previous blog post.  There were so many things I learned on that first visit that I wanted to share.  Since re-branding the blog to Hello Bend, I’ve decided to update as many posts as possible to add fresh content and photos, in an effort to bring you the most up-to-date information.

First off, for those of you who, like myself, have only been to pumpkin patches in a paved area, let me offer a little advice on shoe selection.  I had absolutely no idea how incredibly dusty it is and I ruined a pair of shoes on my first visit. Now my go to pumpkin patch shoes are my low-rise Sorel Out ‘N About Boots. Just check out how dusty they get while walking through the fields looking for the perfect pumpkins.  

Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

At first I thought I was the only one clueless enough to get this one wrong my first time out, but every year I see tons of women’s walking the fields making the same mistake, feeling uncomfortable and ruining a great pair of shoes, so I definitely think it is worth a mention here.

Along the same lines, this is also not the place to make a huge fashion statement.  We are not in the pumpkin patches outside of LA, so leave the mini skirts and dresses at home.  Yes, I say this because this is what I see! Below is an example of my preferred pumpkin patch outfit:  Jeans, flannel shirt (for the obligatory family photo), Patagonia vest  (seriously obsessed with this fuzzy vest), Sorel boots, felt hat to keep the often intense sun away, and my trusty Patagonia bag (carries so much stuff!).  The sun can be intense at the Pumpkin Patch with very little shade, but it can also be cold and windy at the same time. So be sure to check the weather and layer up.

Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

Alright, let’s get to the fun stuff.  All activities take tokens. Here is the most valuable piece of information I can offer you:  When you walk up to the pumpkin patch from the parking lot, the first thing you see is the building to purchase tokens.  EVERYONE stops here for their tokens, just check out this line!

Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

To avoid wasting half your day waiting in line, head to the Harvest Market, which is the big barn in the center of the activities.  They sell tokens inside, and we usually only have to wait behind three or four people. It’s the BEST TIP EVER! Plus, they sell some pretty cute stuff inside. 

Harvest Market Harvest Market

We got this cute little ghost and headband for my daughter this time around.

Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

Second major tip of this post:

If you have kids under the age of 10, the most popular attraction is the zoo animal train. 

Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

For the older kids (and younger boys), the pumpkin cannon is the activity of choice.  

Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

Both of these activities come with the longest lines.  Our strategy upon arrival looks a little like this. I get in the line for the train with my daughter.  My husband and son go into the Harvest Market to get the tokens. They bring us our tokens for the train, they go get in line for the pumpkin cannon.  Once we are done with the train, we meet up with them in line at the pumpkin cannon and both kids can then do the pumpkin cannon. Our system works well for our family due to their ages, and helps cut down on over an hour of waiting in lines…that’s a WIN in my book!

So many great photo opportunities around the Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch, so be sure to coordinate for an awesome family photo.

Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch

Most weekends feature live music, and I recently discovered on Opening Weekend there is FREE pumpkin decorating.  My kids loved selecting a mini pumpkin to paint and color.

I do need to mention the AMAZING corn maize, which features a different theme each year.  We didn’t make it through the corn maize on our last visit, but are planning another visit this weekend to take advantage of this fun activity.  There is so much to do at the Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch and even a couple food carts to grab lunch and fun fall treats. Be sure to check their website for a full list of activities and hours before you go.  

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