Summer Fun at the Jordan Kent Skill Camps!  

The longer we’ve been in Bend, the more impressed we are with the various opportunities this town provides. One of our favorite discoveries last summer was the Jordan Kent Skill Camps. This sports camp in Bend kept my son active in a fun, healthy environment all day long!

Jordan Kent, a former Oregon Duck & Seattle Seahawks football player, formed Jordan Kent Skill Camps. He is passionate about sports, but also incredibly focused on character, health and integrity! I was thoroughly impressed that Jordan Kent is an active coach and constant presence at the camp. If you’re a kid, just think how cool is it to spend the week playing sports with a former NFL & college football player!

Sports Camp in Bend

On the first morning of camp, we were able to meet Jordan while we were signing in. They give the kids a rubber bracelet when they arrive, and kids have the opportunity to collect more bracelets throughout the day. Bracelets are awarded for great effort. At the end of each day, the kids trade in their bracelets for raffle tickets and have the opportunity to win some cool swag. My son was stoked when he won an autographed picture of Jordan Kent as both an Oregon Duck and a Seattle Seahawk!

Sports Camp in Bend                       Sports Camp in Bend

I loved the upbeat positive atmosphere and the energetic coaching staff! I also love that this sports camp in Bend empowers kids to be great athletes, to make wise nutrition decisions, and to be well-rounded individuals. Each day, kids learn one important life skill (like “embracing failure” or the “power of teamwork”), and one nutrition element (like “good fats vs. bad fats” or “complex vs. empty carbs”)—in addition to the coaching skills for each individual sport. It has been several months since my son attended camp and on multiple occasions, he’s mentions that he is “now a healthier eater” or “that we should eat this…instead of that”. It is a true testament to the program when the teachings have a lasting impact.

Sports Camp in Bend                                Sports Camp in Bend

On the day of arrival, the kids are given a JK Camp t-shirt and a pair of sweet socks!  There is also the opportunity to purchase some fun hats, shirts and other items. My son got the “pineapple” shirt and his friend got the “chicken” shirt, again playing into the focus on nutrition. The hats were also a super popular option, and it was a major bonus when Jordan autographed it!  It’s also good to know that kids can bring a football, basketball, or soccer ball for Jordan to autograph as well.  We can’t wait to see what this year’s offerings will be during this cool sports camp in Bend!

Sports Camp in Bend                               Sports Camp in Bend

Kids also leave camp on the last day with a signed poster of their camp photo….

Sports Camp in Bend                        Sports Camp in Bend

They also provide a healthy snack each day. How about organic bananas or “Good Kid” bars for the masses? Yes, I was impressed with the quality, and my son even likes bananas now claiming it‘s all because of this camp!

Sports Camp in Bend                    Sports Camp in Bend

Jordan Kent Skill Camps are multi-sport camps designed for boys & girls ages 6-12.  Camps are available throughout the summer in Bend, Eugene, Salem and Tualatin. This popular sports camp in Bend fills up FAST!  Sessions for the 2017 summer season in Bend are July 10-14, July 24-28 & August 14-17. Camps are available in full and half day sessions. At this multi-sport camp, kids can choose from soccer, football or basketball. The bonus is they can switch to a different sport each day to add variety and learn a new skill.  Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook to the among the first to know when camp registration opens each year and take advantage of any early bird specials they may offer.

Visit Jordan Kent Skill Camps for more information and to register for this fun and exciting camp experience for your child.  My son sure loves Living the Bend Life at Jordan Kent’s camp and I’m sure your kids will too!

*Please note…snacks, prizes, and swag are subject to change each year.

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