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Hello Bend!  We were looking for something to do for a fun night out with friends beyond just dinner.  Well, we found a great option! We took the opportunity to check out the Bend Escape Room on Saturday…and we had so much FUN escaping! (well, trying to escape to be fully honest).  So what is the Bend Escape Room? It’s a fun, engaging and interactive way to start your evening.


We didn’t quite know what to expect going in, and were even more confused when we entered “the room”, but the minute the door closed we scrambled around looking for clues and trying to figure out how to escape. We soon learned there was a reason that only a limited amount of info was provided up front.


There are two scenarios (or rooms) to choose from. We chose Winter Fall, which had us playing the role of covert operatives searching for a missing MI6 agent. The other scenario is RESCUE, in which you are part of a tactical response team responsible for locating a missing girl and tracking down the kidnappers. We are definitely going back to find that missing girl…and super excited that there will be two new rooms added this year!

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The rooms are fairly small so most missions can only accommodate up to 6 people. As you enter the room, you are greeted with a large screen on the wall counting down your time left to solve the puzzle.  In our room, there was a locked briefcase, a few locked drawers, and several locked chests. Our job was to discover clues that would lead to the retrieval of the next set of clues, and ultimately the answer to the mystery.  Now I can’t tell you more about the scenarios, or what you do to solve the case because it would be like spoiling the ending of a mystery movie.

Everyone played an equal part in trying to solve the puzzle, and the energy level in the room was on fire as we quickly searched for clues. When we were stumped, we were given a little hint in the form of a flash across the big screen pointing us in the right direction for our next clue. The help was welcome and it kept that pace moving along. As the time ticked, the rush to find the clues intensified. With each clue solved, we were cheering and giving each other high fives! Talk about teamwork!

In the end, we were so close….if only we had 10 more minutes! When the time is up, a member of the covert operation’s staff walks you through the last few clues that lead to the solution. Thus, no sleepless nights trying to figure out that last clue. Plus it gives you the satisfaction of knowing the end result, while leaving you wondering how you could’ve missed it! Once we made our way back into the lobby, we had a group picture taken holding one of many signs based on our end result…


The Bend Escape Room is a new “must do” here in Bend! This is an excellent way to spend the evening with friends, visitors, or co-workers. It would also make for an awesome team building activity!  Planning a visit to Bend?  Add a trip to the Bend Escape Room to your list of things to do here! I can only imagine how the popularity of this place will grow and grow. Don’t wait…book your Escape today!

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  1. We can’t wait to try this out!
    I’ve been wanting to Escape Room for a few years now…so happy one is in Bend!

    Do you have to come with a group of 6, or will they match you up!? 🙂 w

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