Thank You for Voting Living the Bend Life as Best Local Blog!

Thank you to everyone! I am honored to have been voted Best Local Blog in The Source Weekly’s annual Best Of Central Oregon 2017 reader’s poll! Living the Bend Life would not have received this award for the second year in a row, without the gracious support (and votes!) from all of you.

I originally created “Living the Bend Life” blog as a way to encourage our family to embrace the Central Oregon lifestyle and document our journey. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion for helping others that were also new to the area. I know from first hand experience how important it is to quickly set down roots and meet people to make friends for yourself and family. As a way to do this as quickly as possible, I started Living the Bend Life Mom’s Meetup group on This meet up was a lifesaver for my kiddos and myself during our transition. I have met some of my closest friends in Bend through this group and I am hoping other Moms have the same experience.

Once the Meetup was established, I wanted to create an outlet to make it easy for other Moms to find us, and a Facebook group was the perfect way to do this. I launched Living the Bend Life Mom’s Meetup Facebook Group as a way for Moms to connect, reach out to each other for support, ask for recommendations & referrals, form friendships and organize play dates. I felt it was the perfect supplement to the Living the Bend Life blog and a great way to help connect people new to Central Oregon!

What many of you don’t know about me is that I’ve had a long (17 years) and successful career in real estate. As our family moved around the country, I gained the experience of working in many different environments and geographic areas. The blog has been my passion since we moved to Bend, and we have enjoyed every opportunity for adventure that I’ve shared with you. Now that my little ones are both in school full-time and adjusted to their routines, I’ve decided it is time to re-launch my career here in Central Oregon, and I’ve come home with Cascade Sotheby’s.

The same excitement and passion I have for Living the Bend Life & the blog has always been the cornerstone of my real estate career. I am anxious to utilize my past experience to help people in our community with their real estate needs.

The blog and our experiences that we share, the Meetup group to help you connect and make new friends, and the Facebook group to reach out for additional support are all designed for you! Partnering with Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty now allows me to be an additional resource for you. With my background and experience, I have the ability to help you with all your real estate needs. From helping you envision what life is like in Bend before your move here, to getting you connected with other Moms so you can quickly make friends, to providing you with resources to make a smooth transition to a new area, and now, helping you find your perfect home here in Central Oregon. My goal is simple…I love to HELP! I want to help by understanding your situation and then assisting you with your goals, so you too can be Living the Bend Life!

The Source Weekly’s annual Best of Central Oregon issue is on stands now through August 23. Be sure to pick up your copy today to have access to the best restaurants, businesses, and services in Central Oregon. This issue is a MUST if you are new to the area, planning a move here, or visiting our beautiful city! It is your guide to over 120 categories, with both 1st & 2nd place listed! Not in Bend yet? Save this link so you always have the Best of Central Oregon at your fingertips!

Thank you again for your support…it means the world to me!

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