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It’s no secret that shopping in Central Oregon can be a challenge.  One of my first concerns when I moved to Bend was how on earth would I ever survive without a mall?  Heck, the Target in my old neighborhood was bigger than the Macy’s here! It was a bit of an adjustment to say the least. Once I really started exploring the options, however, I’ve found there are so many wonderful local shops and products to discover and support.

I have visions of a shopping series/future blog post for all my followers who are new to Bend or planning a move here.  Maybe I can help alleviate some of the same anxiety I faced with our relocation. I am amazed at how many locally made products can be found at the various businesses around town.  Bend gives true meaning to the terms “Support Local” and “Make Local Habit” and the pride our community exhibits in supporting each other is truly something I have not encountered elsewhere.

One of my new favorite finds is Lotus Naturals. If you are on the hunt for all-natural skin care, affordable essential oil blends, allergy & sinus relief or quality balms for your dry Central Oregon skin, Lotus Naturals has you covered! I love these products because they take all the guess work out of the whole essential oil craze for me. I love the idea of essential oils and their health benefits, but they are very expensive and let’s face it, I don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to mix potions and create lotions.

Lotus Naturals started with just 5 products in 2015 and they now have over 70!  Their most popular product is the “Life Blends” otherwise called perfumes with a purpose. Life Blends come in 12 different roller blends of Essential oils with Carrier oils mixed in so they can be used directly on even the most sensitive skin. The 12 blends are Allergy, Happy, Calm, Peace, Sleep, Cold Care, Dreamscape, Tummy Ease, Balance, Relief, Joint Care, and the newest Blend “Love”.

Lotus Naturals

Lotus Naturals has also had great success with their face care products, which include a Foaming Face Wash and Face Cream (4 kinds- Dry, Oily, Breakout and Sensitive) They also offer a Rose Skin Tonic (the rose water is made in house), Regular Skin Tonic and a Walnut Lavender Scrub.Lotus Naturals

One other very popular item is the “Honey Lotion” which is referred to as “the chapstick of the body”. It is a solid lotion in a push up container that is made with 4 all-natural organic ingredients with added Essential oils. It is thick and lovely and super moisturizing for our central oregon skin!

Lotus Naturals

Lotus Naturals also has a line of products called “Mama Lotus”. This line includes a Belly Balm Stretch Mark Cream, Nip Stick, Nipple Cream, Peri-Mist Spray, Peri-Massage Oil, and Baby Bum Stick.  These are products that every expecting or new mama will use, love and cherish as they are all-natural, organic and good for Mama and Baby.

Lotus Naturals

When you get to know the ladies behind these innovative products, you will find two sisters that are out to change the products we us to take care of ourselves!  Corrie and Amber are the co-owners and founders of Lotus Naturals. They both started using essential oils in 2014 and found so many amazing uses for them that they felt they needed to share them with the world! What they quickly realized was that oils can be expensive, however so many people want and need the benefits they provide in our everyday lives. Amber and Corrie decided to start making affordable blends and lotions, potions, and other products so that everyone can experience the magic of these products.

Lotus Naturals
“We draw our inspiration for wellness from the Earth. Nature has provided us with everything we need to stay happy and healthy. We just need to rearrange the way we think and use nature as our first choice in medicine.  We love our business, we love our family, and we love our customers. Thank you so much for helping to support us, helping to support your natural health, and helping to support the natural health of your families”.

You can find the full line of Lotus Naturals products at Cosa Cura.  Central Oregon Locavore carries the full line of “Mama Lotus” products along with some of the more popular items from the Lotus Naturals line. They also have a personal work and retail space at “Bright Place Gallery” at the 9th Street Village.  This is the best place to come find Amber & Corrie if you have any questions about products or essential oils.  If you are not living in Bend yet or prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, visit their Etsy shop for all these glorious goodies and more!

A true testimonial as to the effectiveness of these products comes from my 9-year old son.  He suffers from severe allergies and had significant trouble breathing for almost two weeks straight back in the spring.  I ordered him the Easy Breathin Inhaler, and he exclaimed “This is the first time I can breathe in two weeks!  I give this 100 out of 10 stars!”  Now that’s one heck of a review, and this Momma doesn’t have to worry about what is going into my child’s body or him using it too often as the products are all natural with beneficial essential oils…that’s the epitome of Living the Bend Life!

Lotus Naturals

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