Blockbuster Video…A Blast from the Past!

Hello Bend!  In the mood for a blast from the past?  When’s the last time you went to a true old school video store?

In these days of digital downloads & movies on demand, I was shocked to see a Blockbuster Video store here in Bend.  Located on the corner of Revere and 3rd Street, driving by I just about gave myself whiplash turning my head in disbelief.  Blockbuster Video!?!  I haven’t seen an actual store in YEARS!


My 7-year old son has never even stepped foot in one.  Yet, here in Bend, was the opportunity to introduce my children to the fun of searching for the perfect movie in an old school environment.  It was exciting to watch the kids run up and down the aisles checking out all the movies…impossible to pick just one!


There are so many movies to choose from.  Titles you might not come across at Red Box, Netflix, or DirecTV.  I especially loved taking my kids in around the holidays to stock up on those holiday titles that you might not find elsewhere.  And possibly the best part, they have all the new release titles as well!  Unlike Redbox where the latest release is often already checked out, Blockbuster has multiple copies so chances are you will be in luck.

IMG_5640                         IMG_7766

The vast majority of the movies cost .99 to rent for an entire week!  I was so tired of paying late fees for my Red Box movies, so this was a refreshing change.  New releases are $3.99 with a rental period of 3 days.  One word of caution, they are due back at noon on the due date, not midnight…that took me a little getting used to.


With less than 50 Blockbuster Video stores left in the country, we are fortunate that there is one here in Bend to bring back the nostalgia of an era gone.  Be sure to visit your local Bend store for the fun that keeps on giving…all week long!

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