Bend’s Local Celebrity…the Little Caesars Lady

Hello Bend!  If you’ve spent anytime on 3rd Street in Bend, then I’m sure you’ve been fortunate enough to see the Little Caesars’ Lady dancing around like crazy. She’s got the moves, a huge smile & is bursting with energy! You can’t help but smile and wave back at her as you go by.  I just had to stop to meet her!


This air guitar-playing rocker is Mary who is working on her 6th year as the dancing Little Caesars celebrity known and loved by locals. She does it because she loves it! She puts on fun, upbeat music to dance to on her headphones and gets busy! She told me if she doesn’t get her workout in while there, she has to do it when she gets home and that motivates her to keep on movin’.


She takes the stage at the corner of Reed Market and 3rd Street sporting her Little Caesars’ guitar and reminding us about the Hot & Ready $5 Large Pizza special. You can catch her most days from 10am until around 1:00…or until she gets tired!


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