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Brick Huntress LEGO Mosaics

Hello Bend! I am always on the hunt for fun, creative ways to keep the kiddos busy at home. I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered Brick Huntress LEGO Mosaics on Instagram! With the offer of local delivery, it was easy for me to pick a couple unique gifts for the kids. While messaging with the Brick Huntress to purchase, I discovered that Kate McBrien, the person behind these cool new LEGO mosaic kits, was my neighbor. Living across the street sure made for easy access!

Local Favorite: Brick Huntress LEGO Mosaics

After seeing how much my kids enjoyed completing their LEGO Mosaics, I immediately knew we needed to feature Brick Huntress as a Hello Bend Oregon “Local Favorite” and spread the word about this awesome new addition to the Bend small business scene to all our fellow LEGO lovers!

Brick Huntress

Mosaics Big & Small

Brick Huntress LEGO Mosaics is a local artistic company aimed at providing new and creative ways for kids and adults to work with LEGO.  They offer a wide range of products including: LEGO Mosaic kits, which come with a baseplate, instructions and pieces. Custom orders and larger builds, perfect for your home or vacation rental, are available as well. Their products make perfect gifts, graduation presents, home decoration or simply offer the opportunity for kids/adults to be creative through LEGO.

Brick Huntress

Meet the Brick Huntress

The Brick Huntress lives and operates here locally in Bend, Oregon with her husband Patrick and their two kids, Will and Hunter. Kate works as a School Counselor and Volleyball coach at one of the local high schools. She understands how important creativity is for overall mental health and confidence in all ages.

“The best part of Brick Huntress is the opportunity to work with my own children on current and new designs; it’s definitely a family effort. Meeting young builders and especially young girls at the convention and showing them that they can use LEGO in different and creative ways is my main goal. Creativity is not limited. Create something you can be proud of”, says Kate.

The Inspiration behind the Brick Huntress

As an art history major and fine art minor, Kate has always enjoyed being creative and incorporating multiple mediums within her works.  Two years ago, Kate and her family visited OMSI in Portland and attended the Art of the Brick exhibition, in which a LEGO master artist re-created famous works of art, all with LEGO. “I knew in that moment that I wanted to start creating art again, with LEGO”, says Kate.  Turning to her favorite artist, pop-artist, Roy Litchenstein, Kate chose his ‘Girl with a Ribbon’ and began her ‘Ode to Roy Series: Girl, Liberty Shines Bright, and WHAMM Watch out for those Bricks’.

Brick Huntress Brick Huntress Lady Liberty

Brick Huntress

LEGO Recognition

Finding LEGO in that quantity is not easy, however, Dakota’s Brick Shop had everything Kate needed to create her pieces with 100% LEGO. 100% of the pieces in her Girl piece are recycled/re-purposed LEGO pieces from the bulk bin at Dakota’s Brick Shop here in Bend. “Dakota pushed me to enter my pieces in the LEGO Convention: Bricks Cascade and so this past February I traveled to Portland for the builders convention. Here I was awarded Best Mosaic 2020, acknowledged as a part of the Women in Brick Initiative and finally was awarded Honorable Mention by 3rd Place LEGO Masters Contestant, Jessica Ragzy X. I am currently working on my next Ode to Roy: Under the Water and a series of Iconic Oregon Posters”, says the Brick Huntress.

Brick Huntress Best Mosaic Brick Huntress

Bend High School Mosaics

Brick Huntress recently completed these mosaics in honor of our Bend High Schools.  These mosaic kits make an excellent graduation gift for the senior in your life OR for a current 8th grader moving into high school in the fall.

Summit High School Bend High Mountain View High School

“May the 4th be with You” Event

The Brick Huntress LEGO Mosaics has a special “May the 4th be with You” event coming up! In true Star Wars fashion, she will be introducing her new Star Wars designs on May 4th. You will be able to purchase all current and new LEGO mosaic kits.  More details, time and location to be announced soon. Mark your calendars and be sure to follow this link to the Facebook event for updates.

“Love Bend” LEGO Mosaic Giveaway Contest

Hello Bend and The Brick Huntress have collaborated to host an exclusive Love Bend LEGO Mosaic Giveaway to our followers! SUBSCRIBE to the blog, and head over to our @hello_bend_oregon Instagram or our Hello Bend Oregon Facebook for further details on how to win!

Brick Huntress Love Bend

How to Order Your LEGO Mosaic

Currently, mosaic kits can be ordered through the Brick Huntress Instagram account @brickhuntress or by Email:  Their website is currently being designed and will be up and running soon. Shipping is available (at cost of shipping) to both domestic and international addresses.

Brick Huntress LEGO Mosaics

The Brick Huntress reminds us that there are no rules to creativity, and her message comes at a time where we could all use an artistic outlet! With a wide variety of LEGO Mosaic kits to choose from and several new designs on the way, you are sure to find the perfect kit for the LEGO enthusiast in your life.

Brick Huntress

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