Megan Marie Myers Art

Megan Marie Myers Art

Hello Bend!  I have seen Megan Marie Myers whimsical artwork around Bend for a few years and have always been captivated by the enchanting outdoor lifestyle themes.  I recently discovered her fun postcard booklets.

Postcards Megan Marie Myers Postcards

I ordered one of each set for my kids, and they love sending a little piece of Bend to friends and family locally and across the country. This has been one of our “pandemic projects”.

Megan Marie Myers

I quickly realized I wanted more of this cheerful artwork in our lives and on our walls!  I also wanted to learn a little more about the artist and feature Megan Marie Myers Art as a “Local Favorite” on the Hello Bend Oregon blog!

Meet the Artist

Megan Marie Myers creates fine art and works as a freelance illustrator. She makes a living creating and selling original artwork as well as reproductions in the form of greeting cards, fine art prints, calendars and other paper goods. She also works with clients on illustration projects, murals, licensing, and other cool commissions.

“With piles of art supplies squirreled away throughout my childhood home, I spent countless hours sketching made-up characters, drawing comic strips, and coloring anything I could get my hands on. After high school, I moved to WA and received a BA in Fine Art followed by a decade-long career in arts administration in the Seattle metro area”, says Megan

A love of the outdoors was a major catalyst for her move to Bend, Oregon 5 years ago with her partner Matt. When she’s not creating, you can find her exploring trails and running in the Oregon outback with their border collie, Smokey. “I feel strongly that my passion for trail running has gone hand-in-hand with the development of my style. Contemplating nature so regularly and observing it so lovingly and carefully fills my creative tank to the brim. When these experiences flow into my work, my painted environments have been seen and recalled through the eyes of someone who cares deeply.  I believe that running and being in the outdoors has shaped me into an artist who can truly honor nature in my work and encourage the protection of it”, Megan shares.

Megan Marie Myers Megan Marie Myers

Bend has been an amazing place to steadily grow her art and illustration business. She’s shown work in dozens of Pacific Northwest businesses and markets and has also been thrilled to partner with a variety of clients on illustration and licensing opportunities. You can find her line of greeting cards, museum quality fine art prints, calendars, stickers, and other paper goods in PNW shops and online.

Megan Marie Myers Calendar Megan Marie Myers

“My favorite projects are inspired by the outdoors and the connection we have to our natural surroundings and to each other. I aim to craft illustrations that are sincere and timeless. I enjoy exploring themes of companionship, protection, wilderness, and the greatest adventure of all, love. Because of this sensibility, my illustration work has found a special home with kids and kids-at-heart alike within my local community and the outdoor industry.  Some of my wonderful clients include Outdoor Ukulele, Mt. Bachelor, Blackstrap, Visit Bend, Hydro Flask, Nancy P’s Café and Summit Medical Group,” says Megan. 

Megan Marie Myers BlackStrap Megan Marie Myers St. Charles

Her Process

“I have spent many years working in traditional media, primarily acrylic paint; I continue to work and display art in this medium.  In the last few years, I’ve also enthusiastically embraced digital tools, specifically Procreate, and use the iPad for much of my illustration work. I commonly introduce many of my painting and drawing techniques from years of practice into my digital work to give the illustration backgrounds a rich, painterly quality. I also love the personality and playfulness of hand-drawn line-work and enjoy experimenting with dreamy color schemes to add whimsy and moodiness to create dream worlds that feel simultaneously real and imagined.”

Megan Marie Myers Art

Inspired by our Local Natural Beauty

Most of her settings and landscape works are inspired by our regions’ mountains, rivers, beaches, forests, and high deserts. As a trail runner, when she’s not making art, she’s out exploring and keeping her eyes open for natural forms to paint.

Megan Marie Myers Art

Megan Marie Myers Art

Inspired by Themes from a Children’s Book 

“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery provided much inspiration for Megan Marie Myers. This book had a significant impact on her as a young person and still today.  “The themes in this book are presented simply, subtly, yet poignantly.  It’s an approachable and gentle exploration of friendship, priorities, tenderness, resilience, growth and love. These are themes that I wish to present in my own way through my artwork and I strive to capture them with the lightness, sincerity, adventurousness, and timelessness that the Little Prince has achieved so successfully.”

Influenced by Cartoons

Megan Marie Myers is stylistically influenced by hand-drawn cartoons from the 60’s and 70’s. Specifically, you can see whispers of angles and line-work derivative of Hannah Barbara cartoons such as Yogi the Bear, Huckleberry Hound, The Jetsons, and the Flintstones. “I find that the hat-tip to this style also conjure feelings of nostalgia and familiarity in the viewers, which makes it easier to enter the world through my paintings,” shares Megan

Influenced by a Comic Strip

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson is another huge influence from Megan’s youth thematically. “Calvin’s imagination enhances his settings; giving them a vividness that is beyond the literal; you see the world through his eyes. That is the way I try to use my characters too, they are the filters. Also, Calvin’s relationship with Hobbes is so genuine and deep; they are thick as thieves. In a lot of ways, they teach us how to enjoy life together. Bill Waterson is a master of showing Calvin and Hobbes’ adventures as epic yet light—never crossing the line into goofy or silly. And every-so-often he hits us with a poignant moment; the appearance of which is rare enough to move us. My characters are never quite as mischievous as Calvin and Hobbes, but they do embrace a similar adventurousness and steadfastness in their relationships to one another.”

Adventurous and Mighty Women! 

While Megan does paint both boy and girl characters now, her series began with a little girl taking on the wilderness. “She was a bit autobiographical and a bit of a metaphor. But I continue to strive to make work that lifts girls and women up and illuminates them as strong, independent, resilient, capable, loving, and brave! I am inspired by so many strong women in my life and often find myself expressing their spirits in my work. Most of my personal work uses animals and children as central figures. They are not necessarily intended to be taken literally, but more as a representation of the limitless sense of wonder, the yearning to explore, and the and the resilience that each of us carry within.”

Megan Marie Myers Art

Where to find Megan Marie Myers Art

You can keep up-to-date with upcoming events on her website. Megan is running some specials in her Etsy shop, such as a 7-card pack of greeting cards that you can mix and match yourself from all of her designs. This is an especially nice way to connect with loved ones during the stay-at-home orders. Support through online orders is invaluable at this time! Shipping is free on order $35 and up!

Megan Marie Myers Art Megan Marie Myers Art

Support Local….Follow and Share

Be sure to follow Megan Marie Myers Art on her Facebook Business Page and on Instagram to catch new designs, products and specials.  We are counting down the days until we are able to visit local shops and restaurants to view and purchase Megan’s beautiful artwork and products in person.  Until then, let’s continue to support our local businesses virtually by purchasing products online and sharing this post from our Hello Bend Oregon Facebook Page and our Hello Bend Oregon Instagram Account.  Our goal is to spread the word and bring more awareness so others can enjoy Megan’s story and inspiration…and support her through the purchase of her amazing artwork!

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