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Foxtail Bakeshop & Kitchen, Keeping Your Life Sweet

Hello Bend! Next up on our “Local Favorites” highlights is Foxtail Bakeshop—a boutique, small-batch, made-from-scratch Bakeshop & Kitchen in the Box Factory—right in the heart of Bend. The simple act of stepping foot through the door into the bright bakeshop + kitchen transports you to a whimsical woodland fairy tale, and the food is out of this world—blow your mind delicious.

foxtail bakeshop

The Story

Nickol Hayden-Cady, Co-owner and Executive Pastry Chef, has been working in the culinary industry for over twenty years. She earned her Associates Pastry Arts Degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY and has worked under top certified chefs and pastry chefs in California, Seattle, New York, London and Oregon. If you’ve ever experienced Papa Haydn’s in Portland, Oregon, your taste-buds might recognize a familiarity—Nickol worked as the Executive Pastry Chef and Consultant for two years there before moving back to Bend!

foxtail pastry

When Nickol came back to Central Oregon, the idea for Foxtail Bakeshop came to life. Her son’s nickname while he was in the womb was baby Foxtail—thus started the Foxtail dream—a dream to open her own whimsical place and create an extraordinary culinary experience for the community to enjoy through thoughtful food, decadent pastries and wonderful coffee & cocktails (I mean—just LOOK at that mimosa!).

foxtail mimosa

“At Foxtail, each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to excite the palate and eye of each customer.  All Pastries & Desserts are baked fresh everyday by Nickol and her stellar staff to ensure freshness & minimal waste.” It is truly incredible how much love goes into the preparation of every item. Drawing upon local vendors, she seeks to excite, inspire, and transport guests with a memorable, delectable visit. Why strive for this and go the extra mile? Foxtail believes that real, local and organic ingredients taste better. It is better for the earth and they are committed to supporting our local community!


Foxtail usually sells out on pastry items so please arrive early or call ahead so you can insure they will have what you are craving. I’ll just go ahead and leave their phone number here—I missed out when my favorite “pop tart” sold out last time and I will NOT let it happen again.

Call: 541-213-2275 | Instagram | FacebookMenu

The Art

Not only is the food unlike any other eatery in Bend, the art work adorning the walls truly makes this little bakeshop come alive. Click here to read about the artists behind the visual experience of Foxtail and tag #HelloBend in your Photo Ops when you go see for yourself!



Aside from the exquisite pastries and brunch that Foxtail has been famous for, their cakes are some of the most stunning cakes I have ever seen. If you are thinking about holding your wedding in Central Oregon, you NEED to check out their wedding cakes. Here is a blurb from their website about the intricate work that goes into making their cakes.

“At Foxtail Bakeshop, We use only the finest ingredients in everything we make. Our cakes are made from scratch using freshly milled flour, buttermilk and farm fresh eggs. We make an Italian style butter cream using farm fresh egg whites, local or organic sweet cream, Tahitian vanilla beans and homemade fruit jams and compotes. We make all of our fondant, marzipan and gum paste in house. We do not do a marshmallow fondant due to not knowing the full ingredients of name brand marshmallows (No Corn Syrup). We use 79% coverture for our ganache, chocolate finishes, mousses and cocoa powder. We love going to Hood River and Sauvié Island to hand pick all the local fruit they have to offer, so that the fruit in your cake will taste like it was just picked. Our desserts contain no preservatives or artificial flavorings. We will never use box cake mix!”

foxtail cake foxtail cake

Foxtail Reimagined

Introducing Foxtail: Reimagined, an interactive community art project, in which artists create original, one of a kind pieces on wooden rolling pins that are available for sale on our website for you to own. The sales of these rolling pins will go towards ensuring Foxtail has a future (post COVID-19) to serve Bend it’s delicious food, as well as supporting the artists who create them. The waves of COVID-19 have splashed on all of us, some have been hit with a sprinkle, most with a tsunami. This is Foxtail’s way of rebuilding.

Please check out their website and the current selection of rolling pins. There is also an option to donate outside of the purchase of the pins. In this time, more than ever it is INCREDIBLY important to support & shop local.

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