Get In Shape at Rev’s House!

Hello Bend!  I recently stumbled upon one of the “best kept fitness secrets in Bend”! It took me over 9 months to find this place, so I have to share!


Ever since I moved to Bend in March, I’ve been looking for the perfect gym/workout class. I was trying to find something similar to the classes I took in Orlando…small group fitness/strength-training classes. I’m not really a “big gym” type of girl, and I’m not a fan of impersonal, large group class settings, so that ruled out some of the other popular choices around Bend. I started looking around and found a plethora of Cross Fit Gyms. I had never done Cross Fit, as it seemed too intense and intimidating, so I gave it a try, but it just wasn’t quite right for me. I wanted something that provided a good balance of cardio and strength training while providing personalized attention and a core group of women to workout with.

Luckily, one night I went on a girl’s night with some friends and one of them recommended Rev’s House. The next morning I tracked down Rev on Facebook and showed up for a morning class to check it out….and I was hooked! The environment is fun, laid back, upbeat & motivating! Just when I feel like I can’t do another rep, Rev is there to push & motivate me!


How exactly would I describe the workouts we do at Rev’s House? That’s a tough one because there is so much variety! Rev’s style is to completely mix it up everyday to keep your body guessing while working out every muscle group. It’s a mixture of cardio and weights, sometimes more cardio and sometimes more weights!


Sometimes it’s more upper body…


Sometimes it’s more lower body…


Of course there is always core work involved…

IMG_7215                           IMG_7223

I can always feel the workout the next day, and Rev has guaranteed me that I will always be sore…”so get used to it”! He has assured me that it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been going to Rev’s house, my body will never plateau because he mixes it up so much…and I LOVE that! It could also be because he utilizes some of the craziest, yet effective, exercises. Yesterday we did lunges on a moving treadmill!?! That was definitely a first for me! (and yes, I am feeling that good workout stiffness today). Oh, and the oblique bench reaches were no joke!

IMG_7930                       IMG_7941

The lungs were after a full circuit, which included 3 rounds of step-ups and leg raises, among other things!

IMG_7924                                IMG_7925

I love the personalized training to make sure that I always have correct form. We get constant reminders to engage our core and keep our knees bent. As a matter of fact, Rev likes to help us remember to keep our knees bent by assigning wall squats for the entire class for repeat offenders! Lesson learned!  Now we remind each other!


The best part of going to Rev’s House is my workout buddies! I’ve met an incredible group of women in the short time I’ve been a “Rev-ette”. There is a supportive camaraderie in our group. The classes are small, limited to only 5 participants, but we tend to rotate around on different days so I’m working out with a wide variety of people. There is always encouragement and lots of laughs with this group!


You will not just find all women at Rev’s House. In fact, Rev trains a good number of the Bend Police Officers and Fire Fighters. Talk about a group of guys in good shape!


Another plus is that Rev’s House is very affordable compared to most other options I found. Two days a week for the month is $65, and Three days is $80. What about 5 days a week? Well, I asked Rev for pricing to workout 5 days a week, and he just looked at me, smiled, and said “why don’t you try a class first”. Yep, after that class I was perfectly content sticking to 3 days a week!

As I mentioned earlier, Rev’s House is one of the best kept secrets in Bend. Everyone I’ve met found out about Rev through word of mouth. So, here is my advice for you; if you are looking to ramp up your workouts or wanting to try something new, check out Rev on Facebook or just stop by and check it out for yourself. Rev’s House is located at 1350 SW Reed Market Road, across from Stand on Liquid. Class size is limited and must be scheduled in advance to make sure there is space. so stop in or give Rev (aka Jim Sears) a call in advance to reserve your space. You won’t be disappointed…I promise!

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