Hearthside Medicine: Primary Care with a Modern Twist

Hearthside Medicine Family Care is a local and family-owned boutique primary care medical clinic, and this week’s Hello Bend Oregon’s featured business. We’ve always had a “Local Favorites” category on the blog to share the story and inspiration of the people behind our amazing Central Oregon businesses to help build a deeper connection in community.

With stay at home orders in place here in Oregon, and the COVID-19 pandemic at the height of everyone’s mind, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to feature Hearthside Medicine Family Care.  With an increased focus on telehealth during the current healthcare crisis and a modern approach to primary care visits, this is one practice you’ll want to consider for your healthcare needs.

Hearthside Medicine

Best Holistic Family Medical Practice

Recently awarded “Best Holistic Family Medical Practice” in the 2019 Best of The Nest Magazine, Hearthside Medicine offers conventional primary care for patients ranging from infants to mature adults, covering everything from depression to diabetes and well-child checks to women’s health visits. Most insurance is accepted, and they offer a steep discount for patients paying cash. They also hold a unique niche in the primary care market as they offer concierge-like medical services in the comfort of the patient’s home. Additionally, Hearthside Medicine is currently accepting new patients, contact information is included at the bottom of this post!

Hearthside Medicine

Hearthside Medicine was founded and is owned by Havilah Brodhead, a family nurse practitioner, who has been in the medical field for years now—first as an RN working in multiple specialties, including maternal-child health, mental health, ER, and ICU. She then returned for more education to get her Family Nurse Practitioner degree. She’s been practicing locally for over 5 ½ years in primary and urgent care.

Heathside Medicine

Integrative Medicine

“One of the many things that our patients find unique and valuable about us is our integrative medicine approach to care. This means that in addition to being able to prescribe medications, we also have a wealth of knowledge and passion for incorporating more natural options or alternatives into your care, such as herbs and supplements that might treat your condition more effectively or safely than a conventional prescription. It is very important for us to get to the root cause of your health condition, rather than providing ‘a quick fix’ approach. We take into account the whole body-mind, body, and spirit.”

Personalized Care

Like many providers in family care, Havilah felt she could not provide thoughtful, thorough care while seeing 20+ patients a day. She wanted something different. She had been wanting to open her own practice, and in 2017 the opportunity fell into her lap.

“I named it ‘Hearthside’ because  A) I love cozy fireplaces and wood stoves and  B) I started out only offering house calls. I soon realized we needed a brick and mortar building, however, so now we offer both clinic visits and house calls. I purposefully limit my patients to fewer than 10 a day, so I can spend quality time with them,” says Havilah.

Concierge-Like Care

Another unique feature of Hearthside Medicine is they offer concierge-like care without concierge prices. Their patients are offered long face-to-face visits with their nurse practitioner, either in the clinic or through telehealth/video visits. Hearthside Medicine offers extended, after-hours, and weekend care on a case-by-case basis, and you will get the same provider each time. There is no need to go to one clinic for your well-woman exam, another clinic for your mole biopsy, another clinic for your pediatric care, and another clinic for your primary care. “We do most of this right here at Hearthside Medicine! Often, we can schedule both you and your child at the same time to save you an extra trip,” says Havilah.

House Calls

Additionally, if a house call is needed or preferred, Hearthside Medicine will gladly bring their clinic to your doorstep. This has been the visit of choice for moms with newborns or those with immunosuppression or mobility concerns. With the current COVID-19 concerns, they try to do as many visits over video as they can, but some visits simply have to have a hands-on exam and vital signs.

New Location – Opened! – 339 SW Century Dr, Suite 201, Bend, OR, 97702

Hearthside Medicine is well-networked to the medical community and can quickly place referrals, order x-rays or labs, and prescribe medications via e-script when needed. They have been located for the past two years in the Pilot Butte Medical Center, but due to their rapid growth, they have moved to a bigger clinic on Century Drive, near Westside Pharmacy.

Meet Havilah Broadhead

Havilah Broadhead and her husband moved to Bend from Colorado after they fell in love with the local mountain biking here. They have two girls, ages 2 and 4. They love camping, biking, yoga, climbing, and game nights with friends. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Havilah when we were both relatively new to Central Oregon through our Hello Bend Oregon Mom’s Facebook group.  These days, Havilah is spending lots of time working at the clinic, and the rest in quarantine with her family..

Hearthside Medicine

Additional Resources

Given the current “self-isolation” situation we are all dealing with, and lots of new parents being impacted by the isolation mandate, Hearthside Medicine Family Care is planning on providing an online group class via ZOOM for perinatal /postpartum depression and anxiety. Use her website as a resource; she has several blog posts available, including integrative modalities to (herbs/supplements) during COVID-19, to keep our bodies strong. Be sure to check out all the positive Reviews on Hearthside Medicine Family Care, and book your appointment today!

Hearthside Medicine Family Care
339 SW Century Dr
Suite 201
Bend, OR. 97702

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