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Hello Bend! If you know our family, you know that our happy place is on the mountain! We stumbled across this incredible kids outdoor gear brand last year and are thrilled to bring them to Bend! Read all about their story below!

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Behind this new, elite children’s brand, making their way into the outdoor apparel market, is an inspiring story of a dad who wanted to do better for his kids! Better Gear. Better Prices. More Memories outside. That’s what Shred Dog is all about! Their direct to the consumer business model cuts out the middleman and retail markup and passes the savings directly to the consumer, giving you high-quality gear at a more affordable price.  We were also super impressed with their customer service adding special touches such as a small gift with purchase and handwritten thank you notes! They take quality beyond the clothing and truly have fostered a community of outdoor families. 

Falling in love with this amazing children’s outdoor apparel brand and their products is why I want to share our Shred Dog experience, their products, and their story with other outdoor enthusiasts here in Bend, Oregon. At Hello Bend, my mission is to be a resource for parents and families who want to connect with this community, the mountains, the lakes, the waterfalls—simply put—I want to help you maximize your opportunity for adventure. I also want to help you save money, so be sure to check out the discount codes in this post offered exclusively to our Hello Bend followers. Shred Dog is one of those brands that you can’t help but love. From their mission to the family behind the brand to the gear itself—we truly believe in this brand and these products.  Our kids LOVE Shred Dog and we guarantee yours will too!  

What is Shred Dog:

Shred Dog offers boys and girls outdoor clothing designed for wear during activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or just a good ol’ snowball fight! Even if your kiddo just wants warm, comfortable, functional, COOL winter clothes for outdoor play, SHRED DOG offers elite quality kids winter jackets, snow pants, base layers, and more without the retail mark up usually associated with niche gear!

Their goal is to get kids outdoors and making magical memories year-round. If you want to pay less for high-performance youth clothing for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, or just hanging out in the great outdoors without getting cold and wet (or too hot and sweaty), then join the Shred Dog community! To shop their store, click HERE. As a bonus, we have two discount codes to share with you! HELLOBEND25: For 25% off your entire order and HELLOBEND35: for 35% off your order of $400+!

Origin of Shred Dog

Owner and founder Marc Dietz created SHRED DOG based on two main passions in his life – being a dad and enjoying the outdoors with his son, Ryker. “When skiing, hiking, kayaking, camping, scrambling on rocks, riding bikes, playing soccer, having snowball fights, or just walking in the woods, there is truly nothing better. It’s just magic.” Feeling energized by their time in the great outdoors, Marc set out to build a brand that reflects those passions in a way that would connect with other dads, moms, and kids that share those incredible moments in the outdoors.

As amazing as those moments are, enjoying the outdoors with kids is not always easy. They get cold, they get wet, they get hot, you know the drill. And when they are uncomfortable it’s like the whole world stops and revolves around the faulty gear. The frustrating gear can often turn a great adventure into a bust. Let’s face it, these challenges often result in both the kids and the parents not having much fun, and sometimes that dread even stifles the desire to go back out! I used to see it in my daughter (the more dramatic one) all the time…If Emmy isn’t happy, no one is!

The Need for Nice Gear

This problem with the lack of premium outdoor kid’s gear stood out for Marc as something he could solve. Keeping kids warm and dry when it’s cold (or cool when it’s hot) requires quality clothing but the brands on the market are either low quality, simply too expensive considering how fast kids grow, or in many cases, both.

The brand came to life when Marc met co-founder Dallas Moore. Dallas worked in a unique niche of building a high-performance outdoor apparel brand that sells directly to consumers. “Utilizing this business model means that we don’t have a third party retailer middle man to add extra costs to the product. This means we are afforded the opportunity to use better materials, build better products AND offer them at a lower cost than many other brands.” Wow, perfect timing. Perfect partnership. SHRED DOG was born.

How does that work specifically? Because SHRED DOG does not sell through retailers, the Direct-2-You pricing model saves the customer about 40% of the price than if they did choose to go through retailers such as sporting stores. This is communicated on their website by showing the full Retail Value price (crossed out) and the everyday price which is the lower value. This is impactful to the Shred Dog families because it means they can buy the equivalent of a $300 product for about $160. It also means a $100 SHRED DOG product compared with a $100 product from another brand will be vastly different in quality. This pricing model helps Shred Dog to stand out above the rest of the market–it allows them to invest in better materials, more features, and ultimately higher quality for the same final price point.

The Brand

If you ask Marc where the name SHRED DOG® comes from, he will tell you a story of his son Ryker learning to ski at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, CA. Right next to the ski school there is a lift called Red Dog. “To put a fun twist on it, we decided to call the brand SHRED DOG.” Marc will also tell you that his vision for this brand is to be bold. His ideas are huge and wonderful and involve the idea that Shred Dog will become your go-to children’s apparel company for year-round outdoor activities…not just for snow sports. Shred Dog is a name that fits the personality of the brand and exudes their core principles: Family. Joy. Getting outside. Making memories that will last forever. Shred Dog is also proudly making their way into the team winter sports scene as a uniform partner for mountains and ski/ride resorts this year! Catch a glimpse of the sweet logo when you watch these elite kid’s teams shredding the mountain!

The Mission

Overall, the Shred Dog mission is to help more families make more magical memories in the outdoors and they are doing that by making kid’s outdoor apparel that fits better, works better, looks cool, and is sold at a much better price compared to other brands. But SHRED DOG is about more than high-performance quality at an affordable price.

Of course, they want to build products that parents and kids love, but also they want to build a company that their customers and community can feel a part of. One way they hope to do this is by involving customers in a unique way. They want to take the guesswork out of research and development. Instead, they will be allowing and encouraging parents and their kids to participate in all of the product designs just as they did during the design process of the SHRED DOG logo. Shred Dog is about community. It’s about inspiring a love of the outdoors.

Check out the Shred Dog “Family Adventures” blog spotlights, their community pages, and their social media accounts for more ways to get outside with your kids. Check out their winter sports tips, lifestyle family blog, and learn more about the family behind this stellar idea!

Shred Dog Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Store


“Hands down the best out there. I never realized how much my daughter’s clothing was holding her (and us) back on the slopes until we switched to Shred Dog. Slushy, drizzly days that were too often cut short due to being cold and wet. Not anymore!! This gear keeps my daughter dry dry dry. We have used many other top name brands and nothing has even come close to the water-proof protection Shred Dog provides! She stays comfortable and dry regardless of what’s happening with the weather!”

“I’m not kidding you, I wish this gear came in adult sizes! We will be Shred Dog customers for as long as the kids can fit into their sizing, and I will continue my lobby for them to expand into the adult snow gear market!”

We love Shred Dog so much, we reached out to them directly to see if they would be willing to offer our readers the opportunity to save even more money on these amazing products. Marc and his team are excited to share the Shred Dog story and their brand with our community and see more of this brand at Mt Bachelor, around Central Oregon and throughout the PNW!  Be sure to use the following Hello Bend discount codes for your online purchases:

HELLOBEND25: For 25% off your entire order

HELLOBEND35: for 35% off your order of $400+

As a special bonus:  We love the idea of sharing Shred Dog with our Hello Bend readers so much that we are also collaborating on a Giveaway! Stay tuned for a “New Year, New Gear” Shred Dog Giveaway happening soon!

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Shred Dog Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Store


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