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Local Favorites: Bagels in Bend

Hello Bend! My kiddos look forward to our trips to the bagel shop for those special weekend breakfast items. It’s a tradition my husband grew up with In Michigan, where bagel competition is fierce. For me, growing up in Texas, bagel shops were few and far between, and “breakfast tacos” are the morning staple–Ha! We’re lucky to have a few spots that stand out here, and in our effort to be your complete Central Oregon resource, we’ve compiled a list of all the best bagels in Bend!

bagels in bend

Big O Bagels: 

A Central Oregon staple since 1994, they’ve been serving real food that is simple and delicious ever since! Big O Bagels is focused on serving real food with fresh ingredients! Since opening, they have grown along with the Central Oregon community and now have three locations in Bend and one location in Redmond. The base bagel dough is made with only 6 ingredients: Flour, water, salt, honey, malt, yeast. That’s it. No preservatives. No chemicals. The bagels are delicious, fresh, and if you’re a cream cheese fanatic like me, it should be noted that their schmear menu boasts the normal staples but also has unique flavors like 3 Pepper and Cinnamon Honey. YUM! Order HERE!

bagels in bend



Rockin’ Daves:

Serious food, not so serious people. That’s what to expect from the staff at Rockin’ Daves! When talking Bagels in Bend, Oregon, Rockin’ Daves is sure to be at the top of the list (even though they have quite the set up for all things other than bagels too). With a passion for keeping things interesting, they “rock” menu specials every month. With a special location off the beaten path, this bagel shop is often overlooked as a tasty breakfast option.  They also make it easy with online ordering and pickup options at checkout. They offer a full breakfast menu and even (pre-COVID) have a backstage lounge and a full dinner/ cocktail menu. Head over to their website to drool over the bagel flavors like the BOS (Bacon Onion Swiss) and notable cream cheese flavors like Horseradish-Dijon. We consistently hear amazing reviews on their breakfast sandwiches too. There just isn’t a place like Rockin’ Daves. Order online HERE!

bagels in bend


Thump Coffee:

Thump Coffee is well known for their delicious coffee and fun Bend locations downtown, on Emkay drive, and in NWX, but have you TRIED their BAGELS? These bagels are so delicious they will knock your socks off. Their bagels can be found at their coffee shop locations and several other bistros and cafes around town like Jackson’s Corner, Active Culture, and Crow’s Feet Commons. Order at their York Street location only HERE!



If you live in Bend, chances are you know the menu at Sparrow Bakery inside and out! Especially due to the popular, bend quintessential signature staple–the Ocean Roll. From favorites like the Ocean Rolls to seasonal from-scratch soups and traditional sandwiches Sparrow sometimes might be overlooked for their incredible bagels. Next time you crave Sparrow, opt for one of their unique bagels. With flavors like Smoked Salt, Havarti Cheese, Poppy Seed, and Everything on their menu, some say these are “the Best Bagels this side of the Hudson River”. The bagels are authentically made and are boiled and baked for an unbeatable taste and texture. Sold individually, order online for pick up or home delivery with any local delivery service or WING–specific to Sparrow. Order HERE!



Bagel Bodega:

Started during the pandemic as a SUPER small-batch, local pick up/delivery only, with no storefront. Bagel Bodega has grown into a Bend favorite. Made in small batches only, these bagels will sell out QUICKLY after each time the owner opens the virtual store. These bagels are east coast style sourdough bagels. Made to order (and selling out fast) arrange for doorstep delivery in Bend, or pick up in the Bagel Box in NW Bend just off of Galveston. Special orders are available. Order HERE (when it’s available)!

bagels in bend


Nancy P’s:

You know we LOVE our Nancy P’s Bakery (link to blog post), and the bagels are no different! In fact, these bagels are HUGE, so flavorful, and are the perfect vessels for cream cheese or hummus (an option at the cafe). Things to love about Nancy P’s: 

  1. your bagel will come fresh out of the oven and will be the size of your head!
  2. You’ll be surrounded by local artwork and the “usual” loyal customers if you place your order in person
  3. You’ll be planning your next visit back for more–it really IS that good!

We love ALL things Nancy P’s so if you’re thinking about giving the cafe a try, read our write up HERE!

Haven Bagels: 

Handmade, traditional, authentic. At Haven Bagels in Bend, they believe that the ancient form of “bageling” is a lost art. They are delighted to share their traditions and knowledge in baking with the  Central Oregon community. Haven bagels are handmade the day you order them, using only the best non-GMO, Food Alliance Certified flour. Taste and see what makes the bagels so unique by Order online for a Wednesday pick up in Bend. Their fresh bagels are also featured exclusively at Market of Choice in Bend. I HIGHLY recommend the jalapeno cheddar flavor!

Angeline’s (Sisters, OR): 

A whimsical cafe specializing in gluten-free, vegan and agave sweetened bakery fare with a creative soup, salad, lunch menu but don’t pass up the bagels on the menu! Their bagels are Hand rolled and baked fresh every day! Some days they go faster than others…and some flavors run out faster! Order online for pick up, or head to their take out window for a quick snack! It’s recommended to order larger quantities ahead for guaranteed availability–they sell out fast!

bagels in bend

Honorable Mentions: 

Bos’s Falafel House

Proudly earning the designation of “neighborhood hangout”, Bo’s has taken the Bend falafel scene by storm with their delicious, fresh, affordable food made from scratch daily. Occasionally they will open up the store from bagels (usually for weekend brunch) and the hand boiled rings with their Bo’s signature homemade cream cheese are what my bagel dreams are made of. 


While it’s just wholesale right now, Foxtail sometimes offers small-batch bagels in their signature unique flavors, with that Foxtail touch of elegance we’ve all grown to love. 

Test Your Bagel Knowledge! 

We love to toast them, schmear them with cream cheese, or use them to elevate a breakfast sandwich, but do you know what makes a bagel a bagel?

  1. It has to be round to be considered a bagel

The word Bagel comes from the German word “bougel,” meaning “bracelet,” and by way of the Yiddish “beygl” which means “ring.” So, if it is not in the shape of a ring or bracelet, it is NOT a bagel.

  1. There IS such a thing as a Buzzed Bagel

Have you ever found yourself in a rush and wishing that you can have an all-in-one breakfast that provides nutrition AND a morning boost? Well, thanks to molecular biologist Robert Bohannon, who invented the Buzzed Bagel, you can have your Bagel and your Coffee too!! The Buzzed Bagel is a bagel that actually contains the equivalent of two cups of coffee!
Who knew?

  1. Bagels are the only bread that is boiled before baked

Unlike any other type of bread known to man, bagels are dipped in boiling water for approximately 3-5 minutes before going in the oven to get their golden exterior.

  1. Bagels went to space!

Astronaut Gregory Chamitoff brought 18 sesame bagels from a bakery in Montreal, Canada with him on his journey to space in 2008! These chewy and delicious bread rings made it along the entire journey in the Space Shuttle and inspired great ideas for American astronauts to follow suit!

  1. The hole in the middle is NOT just decoration

Although bagels are shaped to match their name, the hole in the middle serves a very important purpose. The hole increases the bagel’s surface area and allows for more crust formation and helps it cook faster. Additionally, bagel sellers used to place them on a wooden rod and sell them in city streets, so the hole was very helpful for that as well.


How did you do? Read more about our favorite food spots in Bend HERE!

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