The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

Hello Bend!  As most people, as soon as Thanksgiving dinner was over, I started thinking about getting the Christmas decorations out and finding the perfect Christmas tree. I immediately started searching for Christmas tree farms thinking there would be several in this area. Much to my surprise, I was unable to find a single one around Bend. I learned that there are several tree farms in the valley (Salem/Eugene area) but none this side of the pass. So, in order to satisfy my immediate need for a tree, we went to a local Christmas tree lot as featured in my last blog post.

The disappointment of not finding a local Christmas tree farm was short lived when my husband’s friend told us we could actually cut down our own tree in the Deschutes National Forest! Now that’s the largest tree farm of all!! With the purchase of a $5 permit, you can select and cut down any tree you choose (with a few minor restrictions). This seemed exciting, and it was definitely something we had to experience as new Bendites. So even though we already had our main tree up and decorated, we decided to join our friends and find our 2nd tree.


When we arrived at our desired spot in the forest, a few miles outside of Sisters, we got out of the car with saw in hand.


The first thing our friends asked us was not at all about a Christmas tree, but instead, “do you want a beer?” Of course, we’re in Bend, so a beer is a must with just about every activity. Our friends being long term Bendites had their mobile Growler station ready to go!

IMG_6420                    IMG_6421

The actual hunt for the perfect tree was the fun part! Of course, my son would argue that actually sawing the tree and watching it fall to the ground was more fun!

IMG_7880                     IMG_6429

Or just sawing anything in general…


As it was our fun tree, we opted for a shorter version while our friends went for the big daddy! Nice tree Clark Griswold…where do you think you’re gonna put a tree that big?


Be careful how big your tree is or you may need help carrying it!


Once you have your tree, attach your permit tag so you’re “legal”. I would not recommend bungee cords as they have a tendency break. I speak from first-hand experience as we watched our friend’s tree fly off the top of their car as we were driving home! Yes, we were following them and almost ran it over, but luckily it rolled off the side of the road!  We quickly pulled over & reattached the tree, but not without a lot of teasing along the way!


Yet another day full of amazing memories…Living the Bend Life!

2 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Tree Hunt”

  1. Brenna Elena Wolford

    Do you think or know if everyone cutting down the forest is good for the environment. I really don’t know. But would like to not be destructive to the earth. Any more than I already am.

    1. Hi! That is a great question. Permits are required, and I believe it is actually good for the forest to help combat overgrowth which can contribute greatly to the spread of wildfires.

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