Snow Tubing at Mt. Bachelor

Hello Bend!  We had a blast at Mt. Bachelor’s Snowblast Tubing Park! Get the adrenaline pumping and excitement flowing with this FUN mountain experience! This is a fantastic way for the little kids to enjoy the mountain without any ski experience.  The smiles were non-stop during our 2-hour session!

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We are planning to put the kids in ski lessons after the first of the year, but wanted to do something fun on the mountain over the holiday break. We were a little worried that it would be super crowded over winter break. When we pulled up, it looked like there were a ton of people on the tubing hill, but the lines move quickly so the wait wasn’t bad at all.

Surface lifts pull you and your tube to the top of the slope. Once you reach the top, there is a crowd of people as everyone stands around waiting for the first two lanes so make sure you move in to a shorter line. My son did this and he was down and back up again while we were still waiting.

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Tubing at Mt. Bachelor is a must! Sure, there is a price to pay compared to sledding at local sno-parks, but there is no comparison to the memories made here. You safely tube down your own lane at top-notch speed! Everyone must tube separately and my daughter was nervous about this at first but we solved her fear by tubing together in a neighboring lane. The major bonus for us was our 5-year old daughter kept going the entire time. She didn’t poop out prematurely as she usually does when she has to walk up the sledding hills.


Blasting down the slope head first on my tummy was the way to go! I wasn’t quite sure about this approach as I watched others and went down on my bottom the majority of the time. I would always end up backwards with tons of snow on my face, so I figured going down face first would be so much worse…no! It is the best way to tube! SO MUCH FUN!!!   Even better if you get a running start and jump on your tube!

Tubing sessions are 2 hours, with 3 sessions offered most days. The timing is perfect as 2 solid hours with a 5 & 7 year old can be a bit much. As we neared the end of our session, the crowd cleared out and we had the runs to our selves, well with a few other families…it was Awesome!


Whether you live in Bend or planning a visit, be sure to add Snow Tubing at Mt. Bachelor to your must do list. It is an amazing experience & so much fun!



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